Wake up smiling

Wake up smiling

We have been helping families rediscover the joy of a dry night’s sleep since 1979.

After 30 years, our DRI Sleeper® enuresis alarms continue to cure bed wetting problems all around the world, safely and effectively.

How it works

Pick the DRI Sleeper® bedwetting alarm
that’s right for you.

Choose between the super-affordable DRI Sleeper® excel or enjoy extra comfort & flexibility with the wireless DRI Sleeper® eclipse. Both products come with ongoing support to make sure you and your child start enjoying a full night’s sleep.

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Why is our solution so effective?

  • Scientifically proven

    An alarm is the only proven method of curing enuresis long term. Our independently audited survey shows the DRI Sleeper® alarms have a 90% success rate.

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  • Superior alarms

    Your DRI Sleeper® bedwetting alarm has ISO13485:2003 medical product quality certification internationally. Anzacare was the first bedwetting alarm manufacturer to achieve this certification. We’re committed to the best manufacturing quality, ease of use, and effectiveness.

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  • Ongoing expert advice, for free

    We’re always here to help. Purchase a DRI Sleeper® product and receive free support and guidance as you need it from our expert bedwetting team. You aren’t just buying a product, but a complete bedwetting solution.

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  • Our customers say so

    I am writing to tell you that the DRI Sleeper® worked wonderfully on my son. It took him only 2 weeks. We are so proud of him and more importantly, he is proud. I can not thank you and your company enough.

    - B Cozzolino, IL, USA

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“She can now go for sleepovers without worrying for weeks before about wetting the bed.”

Cured and confident.
Help your child rediscover the joy.

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