What are the benefits of a wireless bedwetting alarm?

Wireless or Wired Enuresis Alarm?

I am often asked by parents which alarm they should buy for their child-the DRI Sleeper® excel (with the sensor attached to a wire that plugs into the alarm) or the eclipse (with a sensor that operates remotely).

Both the DRI Sleeper® excel and the DRI Sleeper®eclipse will do the job of treating bed wetting and helping your child recognise the feeling of a full bladder in their sleep and wake to go to the toilet.  However, a wireless alarm is much simpler to use than a wired bedwetting alarm.

The simplicity of a wireless bedwetting alarm

In the first place a wireless alarm does not require attachment to the child’s night clothing. It can be placed on bedside furniture. Secondly, there is no wire which needs to be threaded through the child’s night clothes down to the undergarments where the sensor is placed. So a wireless alarm can be more comfortable and less intrusive for the child.

The comfortable alarm for restless sleepers

Indeed, the DRI Sleeper® eclipse was developed in response to the need for a more suitable alarm for restless sleepers and a more discreet device for older children who often find bedwetting alarms embarrassing.  

Furthermore, the DRI Sleeper® eclipse has been developed as a two-part wireless device unlike many other ‘wireless’ alarms where the sensor is attached to a wire that has to be  plugged into a transmitter attached to the undergarments. I can just imagine how uncomfortable it would feel to lie on the transmitter when a child rolls over during the night!

In the case of the DRI Sleeper® eclipse the Urosensor™ incorporates the transmitter in the small 53x25x10mm sensor which goes right inside the underpants where the first drops of urine occur. So, there is no need for a separate transmitter that must be attached to the undergarments.

The other convenient feature of the DRI Sleeper® eclipse wireless alarm is that a second alarm can be used with the Urosensor™ so this can be kept in the parents’ room to wake them when their child wets the bed. They can then help their child with the waking and cleaning routine.

The safe solution to bed wetting

One concern that parents sometimes raise about wireless enuresis alarms is whether there is any risk of damage to skin or sterility due to radio transmissions. The answer is no. Once the DRI Sleeper® eclipse Urosensor™ senses moisture it sends two low frequency transmissions of 1.4 seconds with a break of 0.3 seconds between them.

These transmissions are considered safe because they are not the very high frequency of radio waves (microwaves) which can cause damage through the heating of tissue, and the transmissions are brief and not continuous. Also, because the DRI Sleeper® eclipse uses only a 3V battery it consumes just a tiny current. With just a few micro amps passing through the Urosensor™ for just over a second you can put the Urosensor™ on your tongue and trigger the alarm but you will feel nothing. 

So, where parents are looking for peace of mind, ease of use and care, the DRI Sleeper® eclipse wireless alarm ticks all the boxes.

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Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson