Night toilet training….in times of pandemic

by Karen Radford 1 min read

Night toilet training with a bedwetting alarm involves disruption to usual night-time routines, so is it a good thing to embark upon during a pandemic, when family stress levels may be higher than normal?

Well, perhaps not at the outset when everyone is having to adjust to working and being schooled at home. But, when the family has this sorted, there are some real advantages to using a bedwetting alarm at this time:

  1. It provides a goal to aim for when other goals may have had to be put aside;
  2. There is no pressure on morning routines to get to school and work, and with travel time removed this may allow extra sleep time, if required, to catch up with lost sleep when responding to the alarm;
  3. The whole family is around to support and encourage the bedwetter;
  4. With less distraction from after-school activities, there may be more time for the bedwetter to really focus on this task, with Mum and Dad’s help;
  5. You can ensure your child is drinking enough, and regularly, during the day which helps with bladder stretching so they can hold more urine during the night;
  6. If you introduce a Reward Programme, this is something positive for your child to focus on during an adverse time.

If you are able to take the chance now and gain from the advantages above, it could make a big difference to your child’s success in overcoming their bedwetting. Every cloud has a silver lining….could this be your child’s?

Good luck and stay safe.


We have made our Online Resource Kit available to everyone until the end of April. 

Karen Radford
Karen Radford

Karen is a joint owner of Anzacare Limited which manufactures medical devices, including the DRI Sleeper bedwetting alarms. She focuses on Customer Support because solving kids bedwetting issues sometimes requires making adjustments to lifestyle and practicing new habits or strategies alongside alarm training. Having attended Child Continence seminars and education days in the UK and Australasia, and dealt with parents issues over many years she has learned and received feedback on a lot of successful strategies to help kids conquer their bedwetting.. “There is nothing more rewarding than an excited email from parents telling me that their child has finally stopped bedwetting, and the difference it has made to their self-esteem and confidence.”

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