Eclipse and Brolly Sheet Special (White - King single)

Take action now with the DRI Sleeper eclipse and Brollysheet special package.

Discounted special package includes:

  • Wireless bedwetting alarm
  • Brolly Sheet (white / king single)
  • Bedwetting adviser for guidance and support
  • 'A Plan for DRI Nights' ebook guide for Parents
  • Alarm help and support from the manufacturer (us!).

DRI Sleeper eclipse

The DRI Sleeper eclipse is a medical quality, 2 piece wireless bedwetting alarm system for children. The Eclipse comes with a Urosensor which is comfortable and discreet for your child. The alarm is set at the ideal resonant frequency to wake a sleeping child. The volume can also be adjusted as needed.

Tip: Put the alarm unit outside the reach of the child so they have to get up and turn it off! 

Brolly Sheets

DRI Sleeper eclipse bedwetting alarm and BrollysheetBrolly Sheets make those late night bed changes a breeze. Brolly Sheets are a high quality waterproof bed linen with an absorbent reusable bed pad and tuck in wings.

With this special package, Brolly Sheets are available in these colours: Pink, White & White King Single.

See how simple our wireless alarm is to use, watch this video:

Guidance and support

DRI Sleeper children's bedwetting adviser is available to help with Primary Nocturnal EnuresisWe will send you an introductory email from your children's bedwetting adviser.

 If you would like to schedule a time to talk online to your adviser, they will arrange a time suitable for you in your time zone or busy schedule.

 You can get support from your adviser by email, toll free number or Skype if you prefer.

We are the manufacturer of the DRI Sleeper eclipse and can provide you with all the support you need for using and maintaining your alarm.

"DRI Sleeper® has worked wonders. Thank you for your advice and for taking time to get in touch, it was very much appreciated."
– T Cliff, Australia

Medical device manufacturer

The DRI Sleeper® eclipse is registered as, and compliant with, medical device regulations in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Proven reliability

For 35 years, we have been manufacturing bedwetting alarms and helping kids stop wetting the bed. DRI Sleeper alarms are recommended by enuresis specialists, doctors and clinics worldwide. We export our alarms to customers in over 50 countries.

Choose a different coloured Brollysheet:

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Eclipse and Brolly Sheet Special (White - King single)

Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson