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DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

This product worked amazing for our six year old son. The first week was a bit touch and go, as he had accidents, but was waking to the alarm; we continued the process and noticed each night he was peeing less and less and waking to the alarm to rush to the washroom. Just over a week into the program he started staying dry throughout the night, and after 14 consecutive days we removed the alarm and he has been dry every night since! I'll be honest we were skeptical this would work, or as quickly as it did, but staying committed to the program is worth the end result.

Terrific result! Congratulations to your son for a job well done.


We carefully read through the instructions but the alarm doesn’t seem to go off until my son has mostly emptied his bladder.

The product itself took more than a month to arrive. While it does work, it doesn’t seem to do what it needs to. Overall we are fairly disappointed.

Thanks for letting us know! We are here to help if you would like some suggestions on placing the sensor for better performance. I will have a look to see what went wrong with the shipping.


After trying for many years we decided to buy an alarm for Mr 9. He was wet basically every night and would often leak through his pull up. It was sad to see him miss out on childhood experiences like sleep overs.
We started putting the alarm into his pullup and had success within a few days! After a couple of weeks of dry nights we decided to switch to undies at night and we havent had one wet night since!!
I'm not sure why this worked so well, but I'm happy to say we are close to having no alarm at all, 50 days after receiving the alarm!
The alarm was a little awkward to fit into the pull up and didnt always work due to the pull ups absorbancy. We found it easier to use a pair of undies under the pull up rather than cutting a slot in it. But the ability to use the pull up really helped save the bedding from wetting at the start which made it less stressful for me.

Congratulations - we hope he will enjoy going on sleep overs now! Well done :)

Great cordless alarm works very well

My extremely deep sleeping 8 year old has no problem waking up to this alarm, it is compact and easy to use, perhaps a clip for the sensor would work better at staying in place of undies but we haven’t had any trouble as we insert it in a pull up or adults pad. So far we are almost on our way to dry nights after 3 weeks we have had 10 dry nights ! Incredible how it works wonders

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor


I have a very happy 13 year old, who is now completely dry. We have the Wireless Eclipse. Took just under 6 weeks to get there, though after one week was only wetting couple times a week. There was a period week so everything went on hold. We have been through the hospital system twice (8 and 11 years). She tried the alarm at 11 but the leads kept falling off, the alarm would go off with no wetness. The information given in this booklet far exceeds the info given from the hospital clinic. She has been completely independent and in charge of the process. Highly recommended. My daughter was so desperate and in tears a lot at night wanting to get out of pull-ups. The cost of pull-ups is high, so it was worth the risk even though finances are a bit tight at the moment. The best money I’ve spent all year, seeing the smiles on her face, and the confidence it’s bringing. We would have tried it 2 years ago if we had known about it.

Your daughter has done so well to resolve this herself after such a challenging journey. This review will be an inspiration and encouragement to many others who are in the same situation. We wish you and her all the best for the future.

My daughter has stopped wetting the bed after two weeks of using this product. She had been putting alarm on herself. The first few nights I helped her wake when she didn't on her own, following this she woke on her own prior to the alarm going off! First time ever. Shd then went through a dry week having the alarm on every night. Now she doesn't even use the alarm! Awesome, she is nearly ten, I no longer have to wash sheets all the time and she can look forward to school camp without worrying about taking pullups! Great product

Congratulations! We are so pleased for your daughter :) I hope she has a great time at school camp.


The alarm didn't work for my daughter unfortunately. She didn't wake up, slept through the alarm.

We can help! It is ok if children initially sleep through the alarm as long as it wakes you up so you can help them. I can provide you with a detailed solution on how to assist your deep sleeper! DRI Sleeper customers are welcome to contact me for personal guidance.

Finally getting there!

The 1st few weeks of using the alarm were tough and it felt like we weren’t making progress (our child slept through the alarm going off and it was nearly impossible to wake them, dealing with a very grouchy kid!). But slowly we started to have some dry nights. It was great to see their confidence and sense of accomplishment as they had strings of dry nights! We found the tips and advice provided great for troubleshooting the issues we were having. We are now nearly at 14 dry nights in a row, definitely worth the perseverance and dealing with the sleep deprivation and grumpiness to get to this point!

Well done for sticking with it and getting a good result!

My son was 7 when we started using the alarm. Initially I thought it wasn't going to work because he is such a deep sleeper that he slept through it every time and in the morning had no knowledge of getting up for his bed to be changed. To be honest after 2 months I was about to give up but he was adamant that he wanted to keep trying. We have now had 14 dry nights in a row and the other night the alarm went off (I think he was hot and sweating) and he leapt up to check he hadn't wet his bed. We are all so happy and he is super proud of himself as are we:)) The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because there were a few nights when the alarm didn't go off despite him wetting the bed and the tissue surrounding the sensor was soaked, but I think this only happened about 3 times.

That is a terrific effort for a 7 year old to perservere and be successful. Well done him!

Let us know if you need any alarm support in the future, we are happy to help make sure it works correctly for you.

Still Going

We have had our alarm for a couple of months now and at most we have had 3 dry nights in a row. This is definitely a progression on where we were but not where I would like us to be. The sensor is so loud it wakes up my husband and I but for weeks it did not wake my son up. He wakes now but still sits there in a daze and I have to get up and turn it off. He is definitely drier than before the alarm and we are having dry nights, just not consistently.

If you would like some suggestions please get in touch. You can email me at karen@dri-sleeper.com or give me a call.

Amazing product! Very happy customer here

My son was 9 year old when we started using this alarm sensor. Well, it took me a while to write this feedback I got very emotional when I looked back where it all begun. To all the parents out there having problems with their son/daughters bed wetting I feel you, we’ve been there before. It took time but worth it. Luckily, I came across with this DRI sleeper sensor with the parent unit. So my son would wake up every time the alarm went off and I would get up as well to give him support and encouragement.

With perseverance and support my son overcome his bed wetting after 4-6 weeks of using the sensor alarm. He ain’t using nappies in bed anymore and good bye to bed wetting.

Thank you so much to this company who invented this product. From the bottom of my heart you made a miracle!

Thank you. Definitely, I would recommend this product. Don’t hesitate to use and buy this. Believe me they do miracles!!! No more bed wetting

could be better

he never has 2 consecutive dri nights he gets up turns of the alarm off and goes back to bed. When i hear the alarm i get up cause he sometimes dose'nt the hear -- too busy sleeping. But I will persevere. I can't wait till it happens

We have some useful strategies for Deep Sleepers which may help! Check it out here: https://www.dri-sleeper.com/deepsleepers - please get in touch if you want to discuss this more - we are here to help!

Okay - falls out too often

The alarm has improved the bed wetting, but has not eliminated the problem. It falls out too often (either comes out of the pull-up or unplugs from the alarm) and my son is a deep sleeper so the alarm doesn’t always wake him. He pees less though, but still not dry!! We’re still trying...

If you are using a pull-up you can cut a small slit and insert the Excel sensor. Wrap it in a small piece of tissue to help it stay in place. See this video https://youtu.be/6q3N4GvDokg

It sounds like progress is being made :)

great product, wish we'd bought earlier

This works great. My son just turned seven and is a heavy sleeper. I had begun to suspect he wasn't listening to his body because we'd missed the window on night potty training and he'd trained himself to just go in his pull up. Within a few days of using the alarm he was getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or holding it all night with no problems. Within a few weeks, we are definitely dry with no accidents. I highly recommend this and wish I'd done it sooner!

That is a great result - he has done really well!

Great product and fabulous ongoing email support

Purchased wireless alarm for our son aged 5 1/2.
Brolly sheets are truely waterproof - amazing how much more time I have now only washing the brolly sheet!
We are seeing improvements in our son's Nocturesis.

Thanks for the feedback!

Very effective 👌

Highly recommend this product!

Worked wonders

We have taken it step by step. The machine does exactly what it says it will do and my son is now dry at nights. He is so proud of himself and his confidence in that area is restored. So happy with the results. I would recommend to anyone and I do.

We are so pleased for him! Well done :)

Very happy with the product

Only regret is not getting one sooner. Our girl has started to wake up to the bathroom, which never happened before.

So please to hear your girls is getting up on her own. Well done :)

Takes longer to work with a deep sleeper

We got this alarm roughly 8 weeks ago and the challenge we have is that my son's a very a deep sleeper. I am optimistic this will work but we do have to go to him each time the alarm is ringing and make sure he still get up and go to the toilet and to help him get changed if he's wet himself. He is only just starting to go through longer periods of not wetting himself and he does wake up in the morning just before the alarm triggers to get to the toilet. I reckon it'll work soon but I have got to be patient and give it time. He just loves his sleep too much - don't blame him!

It sounds like you are putting in a great effort, making progress and will soon be successful. We wish you all the best and hope he soon makes 14 dry nights.


I am a School Nurse and always recommend this product.
I bought one for my grandson and it worked within 2 weeks.

Thanks for recommending our product and we are thrilled it worked so quickly for your Grandson.

Seems to be working!

We have been using this for around 3 weeks now and wish we’d tried one sooner. After a a little less than a week we noticed less wee in the nappy pants by the morning, although not consistently so at first. We are at around 1 week of practically no wee at night now. However, I should say that when the alarm did go off my child often did not wake from that alone, so be prepared to wake them yourself (at least at first) but it definitely seems to be having the desired effect!

Sound like you are making great progress! Well done :)

You are correct, children wil benefit by being gently woken if they don't respond themselves to the alarm. Also, using strategies such as priming and visualisation can help them learn to respond to the alarm even if they are deep sleepers.

Alarm did not sound until child and bed were complete wet

Very sorry this happened. I can provide some help if you still need it.

Easy to use but slow to ring

The sensor is easy to put in the pants and my son is comfortable with it, but it takes a bit too long to ring, so when it does, it's too late and the boy is too wet

This sounds like it could be improved by changing the way the sensor is placed. You might find these videos helpful or get in contact with me and i'll talk you through it.