DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

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Excellent Product!! Dri Sleeper Eclipse

The Dri Sleeper Eclipse has finally worked for my son! It took 4 long months, and so many times I wanted to give up but am so glad we didn’t! It feels like it will never work but consistency, patience, faith and using ALL of the tools it does work. I found the best way to use it for my 5 year old son after trial and error with inserting the alarm into pull ups (I don’t recommend) is to use two pairs of pretty tight brief underwear, cut one tissue into 4 squares and wrap the alarm in one of the 4 squares (keep the rest for next night or change overs once wet) and place the wrapped alarm in between the two pairs of underwear just above his private part so it doesn’t sit directly on it, just above. Also we used all of the tools recommended such as priming, listening to the mp3, code words to remember, visualisation and the progress chart with coloured stickers. The support you get from Karen and Dri Sleeper team is great also and really helped me not give up. I would highly recommend this product, it has changed the life of my 5 year old, so much more confident and happy!!! And me too!!

Amazing results for our boy

Our 7 year old was really struggling and we’d tried everything but an alarm. Was a wee bit skeptical but over 14 days we noticed him go from not even hearing the alarm (super deep sleeper) to hearing it and getting up to finally sleeping through completely dry. Would really recommend - our boy is so proud of himself

Dry nights

My son was a very deep sleeper. Took around 1 week to have dry nights and then about 2 weeks till dry nights were consistent. He has been dry since (about 4 mths). Wonderful product.


So discreet, and really worked! My daughter of 9 was dry so quickly. After 1 month she had a few nights relapse, so we went back to the alarm, and she is dry again! She is so much more confident, and went on her school residential without any pull ups! Thank you Karen for being so helpful.


My daughter, 7 years would wake up with a full night nappy every night.
After only 2 weeks we have not had a wet bed since! I thought it would take a lot longer considering she has never had a dry nappy before.
She now wakes up on her own and goes to the bathroom.
Very easy to use, we have the Wireless version, slotted the devise between the 2 fabric layers in her underwear and was comfortable.
Highly recommend

DRI Bedwetting alarm

We have now been using this for four months. The alarm wakes my 9 year old up every night usually about 3am or 4am. There is no sign yet of my child being able to wake himself to go to the toilet so it hasn't worked for us. On the plus side it has allowed me to understand the pattern but we are really no further forward. The alarm its self is much better than the previous ones I had tried.

Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

Worked very quickly!

Our 8 year old was reluctant at first but after two nights he saw the difference after it woke him up for the second wee at 4am and he went to the toilet . I started by waking him up at 11pm every night as that was his deepest sleep and he wasn’t waking to the alarm. After 2 weeks I stopped waking him and let the alarm do it. He had one wet night straight after and been dry dry ever since. It has been 3 weeks dry now. He is so happy and so confident to be able to go on his year 3 camp without a nappy!

Awesome product

This tool helped my daughter get dry over a summer. Great tool, easy to use, good support materials.


Best product ever/ should have bought it years ago. My 5 yo is now dry!! Customer support also fantastic. Thank you so much!!

Great product

Highly recommend. So much better than the mat we used for our other child

Great product

This worked so well. Used the star chart and after four weeks our daughter had achieved 2 weeks of dry nights. Fantastic.

Great product

We have used for few weeks, now we don’t have any accidents, our daughter gets
up dry every morning. Very glad we did purchase the alarm, highly recommend,

This product is amazing ..after 2 weeks my little girl had complete dry nights ..thank you so much ☺️

No more wetting the bed

It actually works, after using it for a month, my daughter stops bed wetting, 2weeks now. Hopefully it stops forever from now on.

Seems to have worked but I think it should have an option to adjust volume

Renewed confidence!!!

We've been using this product for a couple of months now, and my son has only had 2 very small accidents! This is a huge accomplishment from sopping wet pull-ups and bed most nights for the last 4 years. He's 8 1/2. He's even gone to his first sleepover without worrying about being wet in the morning. He's a confident kid, but this boosted it and now he feels like the rest of his classmates. Extremely glad we came across this product!

DRI sleeper bedwetting alarms

The alarms works perfectly and successfully helps our baby.

It wakes me up

But doesn't wake my son. Cant tell if it's making a difference or not.

6 kids, three bed wetters...

Our first we tried all sorts of things and saw a specialist etc to no avail. Tried this out on first child and worked perfectly.... have bought three units now over about 10-15 years and the wireless eclipse is just unbelievably great.... .just follow the guides, make sure you wait until child is old enough to be ready and understand what is going on with practice etc - suggest about 4 YO minimum ... this was just the best thing we have done to help our kids and us have a much easier (and say good bye to diapers!) life

Wow! That is a really special achievement! We are thrilled the Eclipse was able to help.
Great Device

I bought this based on reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. It is expensive but it was worth it. I’ve tried other alarms and they annoyed my child so much she took them out.
This is discreet, reliable and it is effective. It is a commitment but when you put the effort and time in it does work and has changed my daughters habits. Shes a very deep sleeper but this has worked really well and she is now sleeping through the night without being wet in the morning.


My son stopped peeing after couple of days and was waking up before the alarm to go to the toilet, he is sleeping without the alarm for close to a month now without waking up through the night and going to toilet in the morning. Thank you so much

It worked!!

I wanted to leave this review to encourage others who are looking for a bed-wetting solution. I’m thrilled to report that it worked for us! Here’s our story. Our daughter (she’s 5), has always been a bed wetter. She slept so heavily at night that she could never wake herself to go to the toilet. I decided that enough was enough and started to google bed setting solutions and came across the dri eclipse wireless alarm. At first I wasn’t sure how this would work, but we wrapped it in some tissue and popped it in my daughter’s knickers at night (we also used pull ups so that we weren’t changing the bed so regularly at first). The first week she continued to wet the bed, but slowly started to adjust to the alarm and started to finish urinating in the toilet during the night. After about 3 weeks she started to go dry throughout the night, occasionally waking to go to the toilet. I was so happy! We had a good 3 or 4 weeks of dry nights but then she relapsed and started bed wetting again. This was the same time her first tooth was about to come out which I wonder was the cause. She wet the bed again for another week and so we started to use the alarm again as per Karen’s recommendation. Within another week we were back to dry nights and since then (about 2 months now), our daughter has been dry every single night. I’m so pleased! She can even travel on a long haul plane without wearing a pull-up! Thank you to the Dri sleeper team. I didn’t think this could work and I’m so grateful that we decided to give it a go and that it worked for us. Good luck to others out there!

DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarms

Took approx 2 weeks with a few accidents but we highly recommend this product to anybody that has a kid that can't get up at night to go to the bathroom..

Dri sleeper

Amazing! Two weeks of waking once per night then dry every night since (6 weeks in total). We are all delighted.