DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

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A success!
That is a really great outcome! So happy for you and we wish you and your family all the best for the future.
Exceeded our expectations
That is a great effort by your son to overcome his bedwetting. We are proud of him too!
fantastic Product
That's great! It's always great when parents and kids get to see the end of bedwetting!
It is amazing
We are very pleased the alarm is helping your daughter!
Top knoch
Wow! 10 Days is a great effort. We wish him all the best for the future.
Give it a go!
Great achievement! We are so pleased that your son has got bedwetting sorted. All the best for the future :-)
Alarm functions, not sure it helps with bed wetting
I can suggest some strategies that might help. Please call me or send me an email.
Tell your 8 year old 'Well done!' from us.
office manager
Thanks! Wireless sensors are preferred these days by children AND parents!
Try wrapping the sensor in a piece of toilet tissue as that will stop it moving around! Get in touch with me if you need any assistance.
Great product
So pleased she was dry in two weeks - great effort! Get in touch if you want some ideas for the parental alarm but it sounds like you have got things sorted :)

It's important to thread the cord under a tshirt or pajama top. Get in touch if you would like to talk about this, maybe a wireless sensor might be more suitable for your child.

Practicing the alarm procedure before going to bed is one technique you should use. Read this blog post for information on how to help deep sleepers use the alarm.

Finally making progress
Real progress is being made! Well done :-) There is a strategy called overlearning that might be helpful to tip the balance. Instructions are in the ebook A Plan for DRI Nights.
Worth a Shot
Thanks! You're absolutely correct, the secret is to 'train the brain'.
It worked!
Well done you guys! We love hearing that you've done the practicing, we encourage everyone to do that so they get the best results.
Finally no more nappies!
Yes I agree, the longer it is left the harder it becomes. Your boys success shows that heavy sleepers can also beat bedwetting. He has done brilliantly!
Great Product
Well done Mr 7. We thing it's great you've taken charge and doing it yourself. High fives all around.
The best alarm device
Thanks, glad it helped.
Good but expensive
We are pleased it worked for your son. Good result.
Great results
That sounds really positive. You'll know he has beaten bedwetting when they have 14 dry nights in a row. Good luck!
Thanks, we hope it is working well for your child?
great communication
Thanks, we are always happy to help our customers :)
Well done to him for sticking with it and achieving his goal!