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Quick Start Guide

Start night toilet training before you receive your alarm! Here are 10 ideas to get started with.

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A Plan for DRI Nights
A Plan for DRI Nights by Karen Radford

A Plan for DRI Nights

DRI Sleeper's comprehensive guide to understanding and resolving Children's bedwetting using an alarm.

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This 28 page eBook is in PDF format (2MB)

Topics include:

- Learn about bed wetting.
- The DRI Nights Plan and Checklist.
- Core strategies to use with the alarm.
- Guidance for parents, difficult cases and relapses.

- and more!


Priming Enhancement Tool (PET)

Relax and Remember night time audio-guided relaxation.

Our PETs have been created to help enhance the Priming Strategy by reinforcing the bedwetting response procedure and awareness of a full bladder.  PETS are in the form of guided relaxation recordings, which are scripted to help bedwetters get in control of their habit and create a new habit.

Please listen to the recording first to ensure it is suitable for your child.


Play PET for Children

 Download MP3 - Children


Play PET for Teenagers and Older Children

 Download MP3 - Teenagers


DRI Sleeper's PET scripts were recorded by Voice and Performance specialist and NLP Master Practitioner, Diane Radford.

Bedwetting Encyclopedia

The Bedwetting Encyclopedia covers all bedwetting related topics. If you can't find what you are looking for then let us know and we'll add a new article.


Progress Chart Printable

As part a Reward System you can implement a Progress Chart. This Printable was designed for A3 size ideally, although A4 works also. We recommend purchasing some stickers together to note each days best achievement.

Reward System -  Progress Chart


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Sensor Placement Videos

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Urosensor Placement

DRI Sleeper Excel Urosensor Placement

Our Bedwetting Adviser

Customers who purchase directly from DRI Sleeper have the added benefit of guidance and support from DRI Sleeper's own Children's Bedwetting Adviser, Karen Radford.


Or if you prefer, please email Karen at adviser@dri-sleeper.com


Support for your alarm

Please find all our support information and contact details here:

What do the different Alarm beeps mean?

Eclipse all OK sound when first turned on


Eclipse and Excel alarm triggered


Eclipse alarm battery low 

*Note: Alarms units purchased before April 2015 do not have the Alarm low battery sound.


Eclipse sensor battery low


Eclipse pairing sound 

When pairing has occurred you will hear the following sound. In this example there are about 5 beeps before the synchronisation sound occurs, however it can happen straight away.

Product Manuals

Download the product manual for the DRI Sleeper® eclipse in your language:

English  |  Spanish  |  French  |  German  |  Portuguese

Download the product manual for the DRI Sleeper® excel:


Download the product manual for the DRI Sleeper® excel with Smartfabric Urosensor™


Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson