How to stop bedwetting in 5 year olds

Doctors may call your 5 year old's bed wetting 'Primary Nocturnal Enuresis'.Great news! Children under 5 can attain bladder control. Approximately 85% of children at the age of 5, will be dry at night. With an alarm your child can be too!

Start night toilet training at age 5 to avoid problems like bullying & low self-esteem. It is important your child doesn't worry about going on sleepovers and school camps.

When you and your child are ready to stop their bed wetting:

  • Read "A Plan for DRI Nights" our eBook guide for parents. FREE with your alarm.
  • Mentally prepare your child to become the boss of their bladder.
  • Trial removing nappies or pull-ups - some waterproof bed linen and mattress protectors are a good idea!
  • Progress chart - reward small achievements by setting up a positive reward system, this will help keep your child's mind on the job.
  • Give it at least 7 days - if your 5 year old is finding this too frustrating or stressful then it's time for an alarm.
  • Follow the DRI Nights Plan, use the Priming Strategy and Progress Chart. Make sure your child stays well hydrated and positive.
  • Get on-going guidance and support from DRI Sleeper's own Children's Bedwetting Adviser if you need it.

YES! But why does my child still wet the bed at age 5?

Your child is not alone! An estimated 15% of kids wet the bed at 5 years old. It's mainly a genetic issue so they can't help it.

For some children, the brain doesn't yet make enough of the hormone that tells their kidneys to make less wee at night.

Deep sleep can also make it difficult for some children to recognise a full bladder during the night. We have strategies for you to help your deep sleeper beat bed wetting! We also offer a discount on a wireless alarm with an additional parental monitor alarm so you can monitor your child's wetting.

DRI Sleeper eclipse with parental monitor demonstrated

The alarm is loud! It is about 95 decibels and is set at the optimum frequency to make sure it is heard.

What people are saying

"During those 2 weeks he only woke up wet once and since then he has been completely dry.”
- Bronwyn, Happy Mum

“I decided to purchase the wireless DRI Sleeper and it looks like bedwetting is a thing in the past.” - Timo, Glad Dad


Could I just wait for my child to outgrow bed wetting?

Your child may outgrow bed wetting but WHEN is the issue, it can take years. With a bedwetting alarm you can help your child right away. Bedwetting Alarms work for 70 - 90% of bed wetters.

Toilet training checklist:

 YES - Potty Training
 YES - Toilet training in grown ups toilet
 YES - Dry during the day time
 NO  - Night toilet training ??

You have done a great job so far, but why stop at night time toilet training?

There is no need to put off night toilet training when there are simple solutions available to help your child. Children only outgrow bed wetting at the rate of 15% per year and 1-2% may experience bed wetting through to adult hood.

Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson