Why do Teenagers Wet the Bed?

While in percent terms, the amount of teenage bed wetters is low, at about 1-2% it is still obvious that bedwetting in the teenage years is an issue in some families. It is a problem that many do not understand, and is can be very socially destructive for teens who still wet the bed at night.

Nocturnal enuresis in teenagers, or simply put - bedwetting, can lead to social rejection, harassment, introversion, teasing and depression. None of these factors have to be a problem if the teenager is proactive about treating their teenage bedwetting - as we have found many of our customers to be. We find that by the time a teenager has lived with bedwetting for any amount of time, they are often very keen to find a cure and will jump on board with bedwetting treatment with a bedwetting alarm, quite readily.

Basically, the same process is in action in the teenager, as is with children. Typically, the bed wetting teenager produces a lot of urine and sleeps very deeply. The way that the bedwetting alarm works, is to train the teenager to awaken when they have a full bladder, and to not sleep through and let the body expel the urine while sleeping. The interesting thing is with teenagers however, their cases of bedwetting tend to be at the more severe level by this age, than is the case with child bed wetters. Teenagers can also be notoriously hard to wake, which might exacerbate bedwetting, but we do usually find that by the time the are teenagers, they are highly motivated to cure their bedwetting enuresis - so getting them on board with the bedwetting treatment is not as hard as it can be with younger children. Never the less; treating teenage bedwetting is still very much within the scope of our bedwetting alarms and we are always ready to provide professional enuresis advice to our teenage bed wetter’s.

By training the teenager to awaken when the bladder is full, the process mimics the natural hormone that is produced by the body in non bedwetting teenagers, that will wake you when your bladder is full and ready to be emptied of urine. Our research shows that by artificially replicating this process with our bedwetting alarms, the teenagers respond readily and in a few weeks in many cases, can be having dry nights right through. In some cases of teenage bedwetting, the process might take longer - up to two months would be at the higher end of the scale, at this level of severity some teenagers are bedwetting nearly every night, and it may well be a habit that has gone on for many years. Either way, you can rely on our Anzacare bedwetting alarms to help you reach a successful end result.

We find that many teenage bed wetter opt for the DRI Excel bedwetting alarm, as its quite discreet solution for a bedwetting alarm, and the main buzzer can be positioned nice and close to the ears so even the deepest of bed wetters are awoken by it. Additionally, the DRI Excel is great value and can be easily placed on the bed wetter by themselves without too much fuss - perfect for the teenage bed wetter who wishes to remain somewhat independent while they cure their bedwetting problems. We hope this article has helped you shed some light on why some teenagers still wet the bed at night.


Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson