DRI Sleeper® excel with the Smartfabric Urosensor™

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The DRI Sleeper® excel bed wetting alarm comes with the the Smartfabric Urosensor™  (50cm x 40cm) and snap connector leads approximately 90cm long. 

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Features & Benefits

Ideal for children who don't want to wear an alarm It's a good idea to purchase an extra sensor mat, one for the bed and one in the wash – so you’re never caught out.
100% cotton fabric with a layer of non-woven interlining and a bound edge
  •  comfortable and washable
Embroidered with silver conductive thread quick and maximum detection at 1cm intervals
  • quick and maximum detection of urine

How to Use

  1. Attach the two dome ends of the snap connector lead to the domes on the mat (there is no particular order- either dome on the snap connector lead can be attached to either dome on the Smartfabric Urosensor mat).
  2. Plug the snap connector lead into the DRI Sleeper® excel alarm.
  3. Test the alarm by placing something metal (stainless steel knife or a pair of stainless steel scissors) across two or more of the silver sensing threads sewn onto the enuresis mat. The alarm will trigger.
  4. Unplug the lead from the alarm to disconnect the alarm after testing.
  5. Lay the mat under the bottom sheet of the bed to be positioned under the child’s body to catch the urine when the child wets.
  6. Run the lead under the bottom sheet out to the side of the bed and plug into the alarm. Clip the alarm to the bedding away from the wetting area.
  7. The alarm is ready to use.


DRI Sleeper® alarms are warranted against manufacturing defect for 6 months following purchase.

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