DRI Sleeper® excel - Special Package

This special package includes a DRI Sleeper® excel alarm with batteries and two Urosensors™. Even though an Urosensor™ will last several years with reasonable care it is a consumable item in the same way that the earphones for an i-pod or phone are. And, just as people often have a spare set of earphones on hand in case of damage or loss, our advice is that a spare Urosensor™ is a good idea. The special Excel package offers peace of mind with a second Urosensor™ included at a 40% discount to the usual Urosensor™ price.

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DRI Sleeper® excel - Special Package

$99.00 NZD

Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson