About DRI Sleeper

About us

We’re a team of three people, and two lovely dogs, based in a sunny seaside town near Wellington, New Zealand.

DRI Sleeper team photo
Karen, Cameron, Stephen and Greer (aka Bog Dog)

We’re in the business of building children’s self-esteem and reducing parents’ stress. Each day, parents around the world get in touch to tell us about the difference our advice and products have made to their child’s confidence and their family’s well-being.

We have a cured son and life has improved for him so much because he no longer needs to be 'different' from his friends..
   - Stacey G, Otago

Why our products work

A bedwetting alarm, when used as directed, solves bedwetting for up to 9 in 10 children. Alarms work faster, and for more children, than any other approach.

It’s based on understanding how children learn. Almost all children wet the bed because their brain hasn’t yet linked needing to pee with waking. Our alarms help children know exactly when they wet, so over a few nights to a few weeks, they learn to notice that ‘full-bladder feeling’, wake and go to the bathroom.

We’ve also designed our product with real children and families in mind: they’re small, safe and easy to use.

Boosting a child’s self-belief is priceless. We hope your child and your family will be next to see the difference.

Start solving bedwetting:

Lydia and her girls

My daughter loves the alarm. She’s told me to ‘sell my pull-ups on eBay mommy’. She just loves that she doesn’t have to wear pull-ups…

- Lydia Du Buisson